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On November 20Th, 2006 the university received the “Excellence Recognition - Golden stamp 2006-2011 ". From The Valencia Foundation of Quality (FVQ) under the direction of the Regional Ministry of University, Science and Enterprise, which awards this prize annually?

" Excellence Stamps ", in their three levels (gold, silver and bronze) are granted, with the purpose of recognizing the achievement attained and for guarantecing the prestige of Valencian Community companies that have made an important effort to improve their organization and competitiveness, being a model for the other ones, and encouraging other companies to continue working in the way of excellence

 “The Excellence Gold Stamp”, received from the FVQ is recognition of the quality initiatives carried out by the UV.

The UPD is one of the few services of the University of Valencia that has been recognised for its effort in the implementation of a quality management system, obtaining by this effort the ISO 9001certificate:

  • The certificate scope is: “To advise and manage support resources to disabled people regarding their integration in the UV.
  • Certifícate Number: ES05/1497
  • Acquirement date: 2005