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If I have a disability, where do I have to go to apply for resources, support or information?

At the Universitat de València you have UVdisability. Here you can request an interview where you will be given all the necessary information, your needs will be valued and you will be offered all the available resources and supports.

What are the advantages of UVdisability?

UVdisability is a service addressed to the university community giving specialised attention in terms of disability. In this service you will find benefits such as:

  • Information about the regulations in force of the UV.
  • Academic assessment (planning of timetables, study techniques, election of the number of credits and optional subjects, orientation for internships...)
  • Vocational counselling.
  • Assessment of specific educational needs.
  • Material adaptation, classroom adaptations, support products...
  • Volunteering support, etc.

What do I have to do in order to apply for adaptations in exams and/or in the learning procedure?

Contact UVdisability through the mentioned channels and your application will be considered.

This service offers psychological attention?

No, UVdisability is a service addressed to the equality of opportunities in the university area.

If you are looking for psychological attention, the Universitat de València offers a Psychological counselling service through the SeDi Information and Promotion Service:


Do I have to pay a quote for using UVdisability Service?

Of course not, this is another service of your university.

We suggest you to use it to inform and to take your studies on equal terms with the rest of your classmates.

How can I contact UVdisability?

To contact UVdisability you can use any of the following resources: