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Are University Entrance Examinations (PAU) adapted for me?

Yes, they are. If you have a disability certificate equal to or more than 33% you have the right to demand that University Entrance Examinations (PAU) suit your specific needs. 

Find more information at the UV access webpage: http://www.uv.es/acces

What means the 5% place booking for disabled university students?

In each degree, a 5% of all places available are reserved for those students who have a disability equal to or more than 33%.

Disability certificate, issued by the competent entity, must be provided in order to access through this procedure.

Can I do the enrolement at home?

The Article 4 of Universitat de València Legislation (ACGUV 101/2010), first year enrolment mus be done in-person. The rest of the years can be done through online enrolment via Internet.

If, for any reason, you cannot attend the first year enrolment, please check it out with the Faculty Secretary or Unoversity School to find a solution.

Where can I find accesible accommodation?

If you want more information about accomodation please contact SeDI (Information and Promotion Service): (https://www.uv.es/dise)


Do I need to pass a minimum number of credits per year?

Yes. During your first year you must approve a minimum of 12 credits. If you are in a double degree you must approve at least 48 credits. See current regulations:

What happen if I do not pass required minimun?

You won’t be able to enrol in the same degree until two years later. UV will promote the effective adjustment of stay regulation to the needs of the disabled student collective, by valuating each case.

How many attempts do I have to pass a subject?

There are six attempts to pass per subject. In case you do not take the exam it will not be counted towards the number of attempts. If there is any personal justified reasons which could have influenced in your performance (serious illness or any other force majeure circumstances) you will be able to ask for a decision about your case in the office of the dean or the direction of the centre.


Regarding the enrolment, as student with disabilities, do I have the right to fee exemption?

If you have the Disability Certificate, with a percentage of 33% or more and it is recorded in your enrolment application, you will have a total fee exemption. This exemption includes all official subjects or courses of:

  • Enrolment in core and compulsory subjects (both in diplomatura and llicencatura)
  • Enrolment in basic training and obligatory subjects (in degrees).
  • Enrolment in optional subjects.
  • Official Postgraduate Courses of the Universitat de València.
  • Furthermore, any certificate (marks, studies, titles...) of an official study is also free.

Do I have the right to fee exemption if I am a pensioner or if I have a permanent disability?

Yes, according to the article 1.2 of the Law 51/2003 of 2 December on Equal Opportunities, Non-discrimination and Universal Accessibility for persons with disabilities. According to this article it will be consider that if there is a degree of disability equal or higher than 33%, pensioners of the Spanish Social Security, those who have a permanent disability pension in a total, absolute or severe level and pensioners of passive classes who have acknowledge a old-age pension or retirement pension for permanent disability for the service or incapacity.


Is there any other kind of economic aid for students with disabilities?

Currently, there are foundations which every year are offering grants for students with disabilities. If you want to be informed about the grants calling which are appearing you just have to check our webpage or call for an appointment with us.