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New service request system - LIMS

Please be informed that from 15 February 2021 you will have to request the services of the Spanish Type Culture Collection - CECT through the LIMS Platform of the University of Valencia. The current system for requesting strains and services will cease to be operational.

CECT incorporates Mengovirus vMCO to the public catalogue

CECT has incorporated the Mengovirus vMCO CECT 100000 into its public catalog, defined as the process control strain in ISO 15216. The virus is supplied in a frozen vial with a fee of 150 € to which the shipping and packaging costs will be added depending on the destination. To make any order you...

IS_MIRRI21 at the International Microorganism Day

17 September is International Microorganism Day, an opportunity to promote the diversity and variety of microorganisms and a way to encourage everyone to recognize and celebrate the many ways microscopic organisms are important in human health, culture and, throughout our daily lives.

IS_MIRRI21 launches its newsletter

IS_MIRRI21 is a project funded under the European Commission's Horizon 2020 programme to implement and ensure the sustainability of the Microbial Resource Research Infrastructure (MIRRI). MIRRI aims to promote research and innovation in the use and conservation of micro-organisms for basic and...


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