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The CECT participates since 2012 in an initiative that aims to harmonize and rationalize the conservation of microbial genetic resources in Europe (MIRRI). In this sense, the new accession policy aims to avoid duplication and to facilitate an efficient management of these resources.

For this reason, depositors are requested to contact the archaea and bacteria section ( or fungus section ( before starting the deposit procedure indicating:

- species name or proposed taxonomic designation

- relevant characteristics of the strain (publications, properties, etc) 

The CECT accepts deposit of archaea, bacteria, filamentous fungi and yeasts up to risk group 3 (*) in accordance with the provisions of the Royal Decree 664/1997 of the 12 May 1997.

If you are not a CECT customer please register LIMS Platform.

There are three types of deposits: public deposit, safe deposit and deposit for patent purposes under the regulations of the Budapest Treaty.

Before starting any procedure for the deposit of strains in the CECT, please read the different procedures in each section and the documents

- Practical guidelines to the shipment of strains to the CECT.

- Instrucctions for packing biological samples