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Analysis of microbial cellular fatty acid composition (MIDI)

Determination of the cellular fatty acid composition of microbial strains using gas chromatography.

Custody of biological material

Storage service for biological material under controlled conditions.


Technique that allows the lyophilisation of biological material.

Microbial characterisation (bacteria, archaea, filamentous fungi and yeasts)

Microbial characterisation using several approaches.

Microbial identification (bacteria, archaea, filamentous fungi and yeasts) by sequencing of essential genes.

Microbial identification by essential gene sequencing.

Microbial identification and characterisation by MALDI-TOF MS (matrix assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry)

The MALDI-TOF MS technique allows obtaining the characteristic protein profile of a microbial strain from the analysis of its ribosomal proteins, mainly.

Microbial strain deposit
  • Deposit of strains of archaea, bacteria, filamentous fungi and yeasts up to risk group 3* according to the definition of Royal Decree 664/1997 of 12 May 1997.
  • Deposit of phages of microbial strains up to risk group 2 according to the definition of Royal Decree 664/1997 of 12 May 1997.
Microbiological reference material

The CECT has a public catalogue that includes more than 8000 strains of bacteria, archaea, filamentous fungi and yeasts. It also has the Mengovirus vMCO and will soon incorporate some phage strains.

Preparation, assembly and analysis of microbial genomes

DNA extraction, whole genome sequencing (WGS), assembling, determination of quality parameters, genomic analysis...