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Category Contact Phone number
Rosa Aznar Novella Director 963543105
M. Carmen Macián Rovira Bacteria Curator 963544110
Laura López-Ocaña Filamentous Fungi and Yeasts Curator 963544841
Aurora Zuzuarregui Miró Microbial resources manager 963543143
Patricia Elizaquível Bárcenas Quality manager 963544612
José Miguel López-Coronado Patents / Informatics / 963543234
María Jesús Pujalte Domarco Research 963543142
David Ruiz Arahal Research 963544484
Amparo Ruvira Garrigues Identifications manager / Research 963543143
Teresa Lucena Reyes Genome anlaysis manager / Research 963544612
Teresa Lucena Reyes Orders Manager 963544612
María José Ros Fernández Purchasing manager / Laboratory technician 963544839
Beatriz Pinto Orgaz Laboratory technician  - 963544111
Rosa María Giménez Cifuentes Laboratory technician  - 963544111
Ana Igual Wöllstein Laboratory technician  - 963543254
Nuria Ramos Laboratory technician  - 363544111
Jordi Cerveró Moreno Laboratory technician  - 963544111
Lidia Rodrigo Research 963544107
Pello Ziarsolo Areitioaurtena Research 963544107
María Belenguer Tadeo Administrative manager 963544523
María Inmaculada Ollero Vila Invoicing 963543683
María José Pérez García Invoicing 963544183