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Identification and characterization

The CECT provides services for the identification and characterization of microbial strains (bacteria, archaea, filamentous fungi and yeasts).

These services should be requested following the procedure provided for identification / characterization services.

To undertake identification / characterization it is essential to provide a pure culture of the microorganism. Should there be any doubt regarding the purity of the material received, the CECT staff will contact the client to agree on the following steps to be taken before isolating the different morphotypes present in the culture. Said isolation process has an additional cost (see service fees). We also accept DNA, accompanied by an image of a gel where it can be observed integrally. The amount of DNA to be provided depends upon the service requested.

The service is conducted confidentially and once completed the original culture and all the subcultures prepared at the CECT are properly removed.

The CECT only accepts biological matter belonging to risk groups 1 and 2, pursuant to Spanish law (Royal Decree 664/1997 of 12 May 1997).

For details relating to the type of microorganism, please consult the corresponding section.