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Below are the steps to apply to the CECT for the identification and / or characterization of isolates:

  • Consult the CECT about the type of service requested using the email address corresponding to the microbial group: or (fungi).
  • Once the CECT confirms compliance, you should download and fill out the form for identification / characterization of strains (one form per strain to be identified):
  • Fill in the form and e-mail it to the email address of the microbial group to which the organism belongs, indicating when the strain will be delivered (at least one week in advance).
  • Once you have received confirmation from the CECT, prepare a pure culture of the strain to be identified, and send it following the CECT procedure for strain delivery.
  • Label the tubes or plates with the strain designation provided on the identification sheet.
  • Prepare the package for delivery of strains according to the applicable safety regulations.

Any information given to the CECT concerning its identification will be treated in strict confidentiality.