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This is a special service for long-term preservation of microorganisms offered by the CECT, in which their distribution is restricted and at the discretion of the depositor. The CECT maintains the strains and ensures their viability but the authenticity is the depositor’s responsibility. All information concerning the deposit and the nature of the microorganisms are treated in the strictest confidence.
Access to this type of strain is granted only on written request of the depositor.

You can see the fees associated with this type of deposit in the fees section. In the invoice, shipping costs for the delivery of the strains for authenticity checking will be included (check fees)

Anyone interested in depositing strains in this way, should send the form [MSWord] [pdf] duly filled in, together with two copies of a pure culture of the microorganisms to be stored

Please see the guide Guide for deposit of strains in the CECT.