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Welcome to Valencia! Your first days as an IMBA student

  • September 23rd, 2017
Welcome sessions

The Faculty of Economics will welcome the participants of our XIII International Master’s Degree in Business Administration programme through a series of introductory talks and seminars.

Another year, another class of potential management prodigies ready to live the experience of a lifetime. The first semester of the IMBA is always crucial: getting to know the programme, meeting fellow students and members, and of course, discovering the city.

To guide you along your first steps as a management student at the UV, we’ve organised a series of activities for Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28. These welcome sessions will help introduce you to the University of Valencia and our wonderful city before focusing on the first lectures.

Here is the schedule for the following week:


Mon 26: While the iMBA doesn’t start until the following day, why not begin to acquaint yourself with the student life? Have a walk around campus, take a 5 minute tram ride to the beach or bask in the sun of the many terrazas a stone’s throw away from the faculty.


Tue 27: This is the official starting point of your IMBA experience. We will receive you at ten o’clock at the Main Hall of the Faculty of Economics. After making first contact over a cup of coffee, you will, over the next two hours, meet your professors and tutors, receive all the paperwork and information you will need for your stay, and get a first glimpse at what the UV and Tarongers campus has to offer (for example, our Physical Education and Sports Service).

After a short break, you will be welcomed to the university by Professor Pastor, dean of the Faculty of Economics, before attending the first talk of the year (Alejandro Utrilla, Ely & Lilly).


Wed 28: Our Welcome Sessions conclude this day, with four seminars designed to properly introduce you to the UV, Valencia and your courses in the IMBA (which will all be held in room 5P07B, 5th floor, of the faculty)

At 9AM, Professor Enrique Bigne, director of the IMBA at the UV, will introduce you to electronic resources at your disposal in the UV (did you know you have dozens of software packages, including Microsoft Office, available at no cost?). Following that, Mariam Sorní, from OPAL (one of the UV’s job offices), will give a conference entitled “How to prepare your Vita?”.

Maja Seric, Assistant Professor of Marketing at the UV, will then give some tips on how to enjoy life as a student in Valencia (after a quick break). Finally, Management Consultant Alexis Bañón will recommend “Skills and Values for Professional Development”, in the final seminar of the day, ending at approximately 13:15.

Don’t go too far though! For the full IMBA schedule starts that same afternoon: you will be required at 15:30 for the first lecture of the semester on International Business Law. If you can’t remember how classes will be arranged in the first semester, just click here for the full schedule.


Check the exact times for our welcoming sessions here. Most importantly though: enjoy!