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The viability of the programme is enhanced by the integration on a single programme of lines, researchers and contents that previously were divided in numerous programmes. From the point of view, the programme will integrate a considerable number of new researchers, what will allow developing many unregulated training activities, which will cover a wide range of possibilities. Also, the integration into a single programme of a great diversity of research lines will strengthen the synergies between different research teams, themes and even perspectives and different aspects.

The participation of numerous lines of research will help to make an important volume of research, while allowing to coordinate the most advanced criteria of  demand and scientific rigour  in the development of research competences of the doctoral candidates. It also aims to encourage the guidance for publication of the research results according to the highest standards of the scientific community. The multidisciplinary nature of research in Psychology and the wide range of topics that can be addressed by the researchers will be favoured by the participation in the same programme of different approximations, areas of work and research approaches, while optimising the management processes related to research training of the doctoral candidates.