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The University of Valencia issues the Diploma Supplement (DS) to students who have completed their studies after the Royal Decree 1044/2003 came into effect.

The Diploma Supplement (DS) is a document that accompanies each degree, which is official and valid throughout the national territory. It contains unified information understood across Europe with personalised information for each university degree holder with regard to studies, results and acquired professional skills. It also states the degree level within the national higher education system.
The DS is issued in three languages (Spanish, Valencian and English).

Its main aim is to facilitate recognition of the academic curriculum in companies, as well as national and international institutions.


The DS is comprised of:

  • Student data
  • Information regarding the degree
  • Information regarding the degree level
  • Information on the content and the results obtained
  • Information on the purpose of the degree
  • Additional information
  • Certification of the supplement
  • Information regarding the national higher education system


The University shall issue students the DS with the degree or master certificate upon successful completion of the courses leading to an undergraduate  or mastere degree.There is no charge.

Legislative regulations

  • Royal Decree. 1044/03, of August, establishing the procedure for issuing the Diploma Supplement.
  • Royal Decree 1002/10,of 5 August, on establishing official university degrees.