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Complementary aid

[Full Call, PDF, Valencian]


Purpose of the call

Student Council Branch of the UV, through the SeDi Information and Promotion Service, announces a call for economic grants for the students who are taking official studies such as Undergraduate Degrees, Licenciatura (Spanish Former Undergraduate Degree), Engineering, Technical Engineering, Diplomatura (Spanish Former Undergraduate Degree), Teacher, Master’s Degree in the centres of the UV which meet the requirements indicated in these rules.

The grant consist of a complement of € 400 euros per student.

With this complement, the UV aims to favour students with the lower incomes, contributing € 400 for expenses no related to tuition fees, such as teaching material acquisition, travel expenses, etc.



For granting these aids applicants must meet the following requirements:

- To have been beneficiary of the grants of the Valencian Department for Education for the academic year 2013-2014 (Orden 6/2014, DOCV núm. 7205, de 3 de febrero de 2014) or to have been beneficiary of study grants of the UV, for the academic year 2013-2014 (Resolution of 14 March 2014, of the Delegate of the Principal for Students of the UV).

- To be enroled in the UV, during the academic year 2014/2015, in the same degree that the academic year 2013-2014 or in higher studies degrees.

- Not to exceed the following incomes, in the 2012 performance:

  • Family of one member: € 3,771.00
  • Families of two members: € 7.278,00
  • Families of three members: € 10,606.00
  • Families of four members: € 13,909.00
  • Families of five members: € 17,206.00
  • Families of six members: € 20,430.00
  • Families of seven members: € 23,580.00
  • Families of eight members: € 26,660.00
  • From the eight member € 3,079 per each new computable member.


Deadline for submission of applications

The deadline for submitting applications will be open from the day in which this resolution will be announced on the notice board of the Information and Promotion Service for Students (SeDi), located in the first floor of the Aulario III, Av. de Menéndez Pelayo s/n, of Valencia, on the website [] and in ENTREU, until 10 December 2014.

Place for submitting the application forms

The applications forms should be submitted dully filled out on the electronic site of the UV ENTREU.




In the online application form you should scan the authorisation document for applying for the certificates issued by the State Tax Administration Agency (AEAT), corresponding to the financial year 2012. Only to be submitted for the applicants who have been beneficiary of the grants of the Valencian Department for Education (Orden 6/2014, de 21 de enero).