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The Department of Physiology has its facilities in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and in the Faculty of Pharmacy, near the University Hospital. It posses the necessary resources to guarantee the development of the training activities, analysing the access standards for everyone.

Laboratories and Seminars

The Department of Physiology has research laboratories, in he Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and Faculty of Pharmacy, with 925 m2. Also in the research unit, where some of the research topics are developed. It also has three seminars in the Faculty of Medicine and one in the Faculty of Pharmacy.
Likewise, we have the facilities of both faculties; lecture halls, seminars, computer rooms, free access classroom, multipurpose classroom, great hall and grade meeting room as well as research laboratories of other collaborative departments.

Library-newspapers archives

In the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry the Health Sciences Library is located n “Pelegrí Casanova”, whose newspapers archive has data from 1990 until now.
The library and the newspapers archives have been remodelated with large places of bibliographical consultation in printed magazines as well as electronic ones.
The Newspapers archives have more than 400 printed medical & scientific magazines. Moreover, the newspaper archives have more than 4.000 electronic magazines about Biomedical Sciences. All the students and professors from the Universitat can access via online.
The Faculty have WiFi which facilitates the access to the electronical resources of the Newspapers archives. Besides, it has two large reading rooms.
The Library allows the access to those persons with reduced mobility. It has adapted computers with specific software for those with sensory impairment. It also has a protocol for facilitation measures for those students with disabilities.

Unidad Central de Ingestigación de Medicina (Medicine research central unit)

The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry posses a scientific faculties with more than 1700 m2. The project has the necessary facilities to give those biomedical researchers a suitable and well coordinated equipment, near to hospitals and equipped with the necessary biosecurity measures.
It has a gene expression service (proponents Affymetrix), multiphoton  microscopy, positron emission tomography (PET) for experimental animals, magnetic resonance, sequencing, RT-PCR, etc.  This Unit gives support to the researchers: animal facilities, radionuclides facilities approved by the Nuclear Safety Council, laboratories for cell culture and other services.
The technological platforms currently settled in the UCIM give service to those local and regional researchers and also national, European and American research projects.
UCIM has collaborative agreements signed through the University with national research and hospital centres. Also they collaborate with scientific foundations  such as 

the Fundación para la Investigación del Hospital Clínico Universitario de Valencia (Valencian University Clinic Hospital Research Foundation) or Genoma España (Genoma Spain). Likewise, it has specific metabolomics services where PET and Spectroscopic MRI scans are joined, creating a molecular imaging and metabolomic unit.

University hospitals

In 1997, the Consellería de Sanidad, Diputación Provincial de Valencia and the Universitat de València signed an agreement for the use of health institutions in university research (resolution 23th April, 1997 from the under secretary of the General Secretariat of the Government, published in the Valencian Official Journal, 2.982, 30th April, 1997) that is attached to the Royal Decrees 644/1988, 1558/986 and 1652/1991, referring to the general basis of the regime between the universities and health instituions.

The University Hospitals of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry are:

  • Hospital Clínico Universitario (University Clinical Hospital)
  • Hospital Universitario La Fe (University Hospital La Fe)
  • Hospital General Universitario (University General Hospital)
  • Hospital Universitario Dr. Peset (University Hospital Dr. Peset)

The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and the Faculty of Pharmacy comply the accessibility regulations, according to the Law 51/2003, 2nd December, of equal opportunities, not discrimination and universal accessibility of the persons with disability. Both Faculties and the Universitat de València are subscribed several repair and overhaul service contracts.