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The Master’s Degree in Physiology of the Universitat de València had its first edition during the 2008-2009 academic year. It originates from the former Doctoral Studies Programme, with ‘honourable mention’ since the 2004-2005, and currently constitutes part of the training programme of the Doctoral Studies Programme in Physiology, distinguished with ‘mention towards excellence’ by the Ministry of Education.

The ongoing developments in scientific research on Health Sciences and, more concretely, Physiology, make it necessary to train researchers who specialize in this field. Hence, the Master’s Degree in Physiology holds the main objective of supplying students with research training in the field of Physiology which allows them to carry out their professional tasks in a general scope and with the competences provided by the master’s degree.

Hence, the subjects and the master’s degree final project included give the students competences, relative to theoretical knowledge and experimental basis, which allow them to carry out their research task in the most innovative fields applied to physiology, development and ageing, physical activity, endocrinology and metabolism, cell physiology, neurophysiology, toxicology, etc.  With their physio-pathological implications.  Additionally, the programme promotes: learning and using methodology and specific researching techniques in physiology, relative both to instrumentation and to the treatment of experimental data and new digital technologies for image edition, the development of innovative projects, the development of project records and of oral and written presentations for research results.

This Master’s Degree is onsite and research-based; hence, after the programme, the students may access jobs at Research Centres related to the field of Health or may continue with their research training by developing a doctoral thesis within the Programme in Physiology in order to start an academic career within the University. It is important to point out that Physiology is present in a great number of current degrees such as Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Biology, Physical Therapy, Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, Podiatry, Veterinary Science, Speech Therapy as well as Optics and Optometry, among others.