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Degree number of credits: 60

Compulsory credits: 48

Final project: 12

Degree code: 2124

Years: 1

Teaching type: face-to-face

Knowledge branch: Health sciences

Master degree website:

Places available for new students: 25

Minimum number of enrolment credits per student: 36

Price per credit
[2022-2023 academic year]:
35,34 €

Management Centre: Faculty of Pharmacy

Languages used in class: Spanish

Participating universities: University of Valencia

Academic coordinating commission Jose Luis Alfonso Sánchez (Director)
José María Martín Moreno
José Manuel Alberich Silla
Carmen Saiz Sánchez
Dolores Corella Piquer
Mª Sol Giménez Martín (PAS)

Academic, scientific or professional interest: From a wide view the Public Health can be identified with the set of efforts organized of the society with a main mission: to prevent health problems and to encourage the health of the community. The broad field of action in Public Health implies the participation of a considerable group of professionals from the sanitary area mainly from the medicine, nursing, pharmacy, veterinary, etc… as well as other non-sanitary professionals that apparently develop their labour in other areas, but that in many occasions are indispensable for the consecution of the main objective.

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