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Master's Degree objectives

The need for specialised professionals in quality management is not exclusive of private companies; the extent of this form of management to all type of organisations requires advisers, managers and technicians who master this discipline in order to meet its needs. In this sense, the mission of this Master’s is defined as follows:

“The commitment in specialised training in the field of quality management from an advanced perspective, so as to respond to the social need of specialists with a solid training for decision making focused on quality of processes, products and services, and the quality of management itself, as well as for the analysis and advising in this discipline”.

To achieve this mission we set the following general objectives:

  • The training of specialists able to implement and manage, in any type of organisation, a system of quality management, either from a model of reference as ISO 9001:2008 or a larger model as the EFQM of Excellence.
  • The training of technicians who are able to contribute that current organisations can compete through strategies based on quality, both in products and services as well as processes, supporting for this to high management and the rest of departments or functional areas of the company.
  • The training of people who are able to integrate the system of quality management with other systems of management that may already be implemented or that can be implemented in the organisation such as the system of environmental management, the system of knowledge management or the system of occupational risk prevention management.