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The research project (14 ECTS) and the Master’s TFM (6 ECTS) includes laboratory work and/or fieldwork, plus bibliographical consult and final written report. The final written record will include Introduction, Background, Material and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions and Bibliography. Your writing must be concise, of no more than 60 A4 pages with 1 and 1/2 space between lines and margins up to 2 cm. The content will deal with a parasitic disease or some aspect of this one, and will be directed by one or two of the professors participant in the Master’s teachings. This one could be done either in the University of Valencia branches or in other Spanish or foreign centres. In these last cases, besides the director, also a local tutor will be appointed, directly connected with the director via Internet, who will act verifying the daily successful development of the student’s work. Also, the certificate of the tutor/s and/or director/s guaranteeing that the thesis has been done under their supervision will be included in the report. The final written report will be assessed by the thesis Committee composed of three professors of the Master’s. This type of Master’s TFM follows the international standards.