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Date of appointment: 9 july 2013.

By proposal of: Institute of Human Rights of the University of Valencia.

Date of investiture: 14 april 2014.

Sponsor: Javier de Lucas.

Biographical outline:

Sami Naïr (Tremecén, 1946). Politologist, philosopher, sociologist and French professor, specialist in migratory movements and creator of the concept of co-development. Between 1997 and 1999 he was an advisor to the Government of Lionel Jospin, and until 2004, a member of the European Parliament. He is a Professor in Political Science, director of the Andalusian Mediterranean Center (CMA) and professor-researcher at the Pablo de Olavide University in Seville. He directed 'Modern Times' with Simone de Beauvoir and 'El Evenément européen', with Edgar Pisani.

In relation to the Universitat de València, he has been a visiting professor and full professor of the Chairs Canyada Blanch, of which he played a decisive role, and Mediterránea. Over the years, Professor Naïr has helped to obtain scholarships and training stays for researchers and professors, and has participated in the training and evaluation of master's and doctoral theses in different departments and faculties of our University. .

Videos of the investiture ceremony:

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