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Cooking scientific dissemination

The effectiveness of learning science through scientific explanations of culinary processes is well demonstrated and there is extensive literature and experience on this topic. In our institution there is a consolidated tradition in carrying out dissemination actions through scientific gastronomy, especially from the courses and workshops that this UCC+i developed with Fernando Sapiña, professor of Organic Chemistry and researcher at the Institute of Science of Materials and also promoter of the degree in Gastronomic Sciences and the Gastrolab of the University of Valencia. This action aims to continue this legacy, recover the materials from Professor Sapiña, together with Anabel Terraes, and launch the following scientific dissemination activities linked to cooking, its processes and ingredients, aimed at very diverse audiences with the main objective to make scientific concepts and knowledge accessible. This initiative is part of the Annual Activities Plan of the UCC+i of the University of Valencia, which has been co-financed by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology and the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities (FCT-20-15552 and FCT -21-17228).

A) Guided visits to the Mercat Central de València

B) Workshops

C) Gastronomy

D) Practical guide to cooking and science workshops:

Starch and Sauces 1-7
Cereal proteins 8-11
Egg 12-16
Maillard reaction 17
Fruits and vegetables 18-20
Hydrocolloids modeling water 22-26
The world of fats 27-30
Dairy 31-36
The science of ice cream 37-42