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FisioCómic is a comic book contest on physiological processes, which has been held since 2021 and is aimed at students of any grade at Spanish universities that have Physiology as a subject. The contest is jointly organised by the Camilo José Cela University of Madrid, the Autonomous University of Madrid and the University of Valencia, where the next edition will be held. The main objective of this contest is to confront students with the challenge of communicating complex ideas using the language of graphic narrative. Comics are a crucial communication tool in the field of health, in which citizens need to know any information in a rigorous but accessible way.

To do this, each university will have one or more coordinators who will choose a maximum of 4 comics from among their students to submit to the contest (maximum number of works per institution). The comics will be submitted in groups of between 2 and 5 students and may be made with any technique, but images of which the authorship is not owned may not be used. The final comic proposal will be sent in PDF format accompanied by a title and an explanatory summary of a maximum of 200 words. In addition, a Creative Commons license must be included that allows its free distribution acknowledging authorship, but not commercial exploitation. The resolution of the contest is carried out in two phases: in the first one, through the coordinators of each university, the best comics will be scored from 1 to 5 and those presented by their own institution will be excluded; in the second, the 10 best rated comics will be evaluated by a jury made up of comic, design and scientific communication professionals. Habrá tres premios, el primero dotado con 600€, el segundo con 300€ y el tercero con 200€. There will be three prizes, the first endowed with €600, the second with €300 and the third one with €200. In addition to the cash prize, each awarded person will have the admission of a team member to the Spanish Society of Physiological Sciences who will be in charge of their membership fee for a period of 2 years, and the option of attending the congress of this society to present the FisioCómic. In addition, the 10 finalist teams will receive a batch of Graphic Medicine comics. All the comics will be published on the UCC+i UV website and the awards ceremony will take place in a conference at the University of Valencia where, in addition to the winners, the coordinators of each institution will attend.



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Fisiocómic 2023 is a project of the Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit of the University of Valenciawhich has co-funding from the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology and the Ministry of Science and Innovation