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Passejades per la Història de la Ciència

The production of knowledge in the city of Valencia

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This route proposes a general perspective of the imprint of scientific activity in Valencia. The intention is to make current science understood as a method of production of knowledge inherited from the practices and knowledge that have been present in society throughout history. What we understand today as science is nothing more than the result of a cumulative process of collectively produced knowledge. To account for this, the contributions made by the different societies that have inhabited Valencia are presented, using the city itself as a setting.

With this broad view it also allows us to relate the role of women throughout different eras as leading characters in the history of science. A fact traditionally undervalued in historiography that is being widely reviewed by the new currents of research.

Structure of the walk "The production of knowledge in the city of Valencia"

For the students who participate, it is an opportunity to relate the urban heritage that they regularly visit with stories and concepts that they normally receive inside the classroom. In addition, they will deepen their knowledge of the history of science from a local perspective and will be able to reflect on the role of science in the formation of our society. Finally, they will be able to recognise scientific activity as an indispensable cultural element for our daily life and the identity of the city.


Distance: 2 km; Time: 1 hour 39 minutes; Stops: 10

























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This activity is co-funded by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Science and Innovation.