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The Work placements is a 6-credit optative subject scheduled to be taken on in the eight semester (fourth year) in the Degree in Chemistry. It is aimed at facilitating the implementation of the skills acquired through the degree, by carrying out a specific work or a basic or applied research, in companies and entities in the area of chemistry. This subject is intended to be a first approach to a work placement related to chemistry in several aspects.

For that purpose, it must be carried out at the end of the Curriculum and aimed at the assessment of the competencies related to degree (included in the Verifica document).

UV Work Placements Regulations

ADEIT University-Business Foundation

ADEIT University-Business Foundation is the body which manages the work placements in the Universitat de València.


Plaza Mare de Déu de la Pau, 3
46001 Valencia
E-mail: practicas.adeit@uv.es

Manager of the Degree in Chemistry:

María Ridocci Quiles
E-mail: Maria.Ridocci@fundacions.uv.es