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"The multidisciplinary character is the greatest peculiarity of the Degree"

Borja López Lázaro | 26 june 2018

After I finished high school, I was interested in studying some Degree about ICT. Among the different degrees that the Universitat de València offered, I found the Degree in Information and Documentation. I had no prior knowledge about this study, so I found out about the curriculum and it seemed to me a good option.

The characteristic of this degree is multidisciplinary nature. Computer-related subjects have been rather interesting for me, as well as necessaries for the new professional demanded profiles. On the other hand, those related to cataloguing, archives or sources of information allow to acquire knowledge directly connected with the library and archivist science that possibly will lead to a real context by the compulsory internships. In conclusion, the curriculum adjusts to the current situation.

The degree enables to realise both curricular and extracurricular internships. In this way, I could be in 5 different entities. My advice is to take advance of all learned in the degree in order to develop it during the internship. Depending on the firm, there will be a higher or lower application of that we have studied. However, the most interesting thing of realising internship is to know the reality of the working world, and to see how other professionals that have the same studied, manage well the work and, of course, to make professional contacts.

At the beginning of the study, I was a little bit confused due to the variety of knowledge imparted, but I finally discover that all of them are aimed to the information management in different areas. Now, at the end, I know which are my interests, and the option of doing a master’s degree will allow me to go in depth more and specialise me in that I like, taking as a basis the learned in the degree