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Because this degree trains leading professionals capable of applying information and communication technologies to document management, whatever its format.

Among other functions, these professionals are responsible for conserving, identifying, treating and making available documentation to increase its qualities of use and accessibility and to transmit it to those who need it, including users of public bodies and private companies.

In today's society, characterised by information overload, social demand for specialists to manage it, in any of its multiple formats (paper, audio-visual, sound, mail, etc.), in archives, libraries, documentation centres and private companies is constantly growing.

In addition to forming archivists, librarians and documentalists, the undergraduate degree in Information and Documentation trains for the exercise of new professions that respond to the challenges of global information management, as the emergence of new technologies has changed the means of production, distribution and access to information. In this framework, professionals who share the web space as work scenario and responsive to the needs of the digital society arise.