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Students who have completed their upper secondary school education in non-EU countries that have no specific agreement (all, except EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, China and Andorra) must complete the following steps:

  1. Validate upper secondary school qualifications
  2. Take and pass the university entrance examinations given by UNED (National Distance Education University)
  3. Apply for a place at the university (pre-enrolment)

Phase 1:  Validation of the upper secondary education qualification

In order for a foreign academic qualification to have complete validity (professionally and academically), it needs to be officially recognised (homologación) by presenting it to Spanish education authorities who will compare it with the official Spanish qualification and certify equivalency.

Submission of documents

The documents may be submitted to the Ministry of Education, through the consulate agencies and regional offices.

Ministry of Education
 Los Madrazo Street,15-17
 Torrelaguna Street,º 58
Paseo del Prado, Nº 28

Regional office in Valencia:

Ministry of Education Office in Valencia
Edif. Serveis Múltiples (multiples services building)
Joaquim Ballester Street, 39
46009 Valencia
Tel.: 96 307 94 00

Phase 2:  Entrance examinations organised by UNED (National Distance Education University)

Access for students who have completed their upper secondary school studies in non-EU countries entails passing university entrance examinations. Therefore, the procedure for students with studies completed abroad (except the European Union, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, China or Andorra), also include:

Registering for and passing the specific entrance examinations for foreigners. You must register through the UNED,  which is responsible for this procedure.

UNED.  "PAU" Department
Edificio Facultad de Ciencias (Faculty of Sciences building)
Senda del Rey Street s/n
28040 MADRID
Tel.: 91 398 66 12/13

Also in some affiliated centres.

UNED- Valencia
Casa de la Miserocordia Street, 34
46014 Valencia
Tel.: 96 370 78 12

Phase 3:  Pre-enrolment

At the University of Valencia, the Valencian Ministry of Education is responsible for this procedure (application for a place). The five public universities in the Valencian Community are included in one district.

University districts are entities that bring together all the universities in one autonomous region with the purpose of assigning places. Each district establishes timetables and provides application forms.