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Facilities and Resources



Classrooms: classes for degree programmes are taught in the Aulari Nord and Aulari Oest  building

Computer labs

Observational science laboratory, meeting room, (1st floor, Departamental Occidental building)

Classrooms with a digital whiteboard: prepared for students with disabilities


Board Room

Meeting Rooms I and II

Room 3S01

Assembly Hall


Facilities for studying and working:

5 study areas on the 5th floor

5 study areas on the 3rd floor

5 study areas on the 1st floor



Wi-Fi network (in the entire Aulario Nord building)

Wi-Fi network (Faculty of Social Sciences)

Open-access computer room (301 Aulari Nord and Oest building)

Voice and video recorders


2 Computer labs with laptops

2 Computer labs with desktop computers