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This project is the continuation of the project La Sanidad Española en el contexto internacional (Spanish Health in the international context), Conferencias Sanitarias (Health Congresses), Sociedad de Naciones y organismos internacionales (League of Nations and international organisations), 1851-1975 (HUM2006–06098), funded by the MICINN for five years between 2006 and 2011, and complements the project Sanidad Internacional y transferencia de conocimiento científico. Europa, 1900-1975 (International Health and transfer of scientific knowledge. Europe, 1900-1975) (HAR2011-23233) funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competiitiveness for the period 2012-2014.

Its historical orientation is part of the both studies on the flow of knowledge, from the central-peripheral perspective and from the ones that analyse the transfer of knowledge and scientific practices from the places of production to its social use, and it studies the scientific and social factors that condition them.

The project analyses specific aspects of the experimental knowledge about health taking as a reference, on the one hand, the interaction between the International European scene and the Spanish society, and in the other hand, the transfer from the places of production (laboratories, research institutes, experts committees, hospitals), to its social application and its political uses and citizenships. The project investigates the following specific issues:

  • 1) The production and dissemination of vaccines (especially smallpox vaccine);
  • 2) the experimental studies on hunger and nutrition;
  • 3) the role of international organisations in its fight against hunger and infectious diseases; and
  • 4) the transfer of knowledge and the internationalization of health practices.

These issues follow a methodological and historical common orientation and well oriented, which takes into account the following aspects:

  • a) the professional perspective: the role of experts and their importance, as well as the creation of professional communities, groups of experts and movement of people:
  • b) the institutional perspective: the relation between institutions and national and international organisations, the creation of laboratories, institutes, clinics, campaigns, inspectorates, school doctors, visiting nurses, etc.;
  • c) the dynamics of knowledge flow through people, congresses, lectures, publications and experts networks, and the transfer between local, national and international institutions;
  • d) the political uses of knowledge on health.


Start date: January / 2012.

End date: December / 2016.

Principal investigators: Barona Vilar, Josep Lluís.

Participating researchers: Báguena Cervellera, María José.

Funding agencies: Valencian Government.Prometeo Programme for groups of excellence.

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