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The objective is to characterise the scientific production with visibility in regional and international sources, which deal with issues and problems circumscribed to the thematic domain “Argentina”.
The project is focused on specific aspects of the experimental knowledge on health considering the interaction, on the one hand, between the European international sphere and the Spanish society, and, on the other hand, the transfer from the places of production (laboratories, institutes of investigation) until its social application use.
The project researches issues such as production and dissemination of vaccines, experimental studies on hunger and nutrition, the role of international organisations in their fight against hunger and infectious diseases or the transmission of knowledge and the internationalisation of health practices.
This project examines the importance of hunger, malnutrition and deterioration of health in this context, and the efforts of states and international organizations.
This project aims to digitalise the journal in order to facilitate the access to the full text of the works published in it, and to contribute, to the dissemination of research on drug addictions and other addictions, mainly between researchers and Spanish speaking countries
The main objective is to prepare a biography of Mateu Orfila dealing with the three main topics of this project: science teaching, popularisation of science and scientific expertise in courtrooms.
The objective of this project is examine the representation of medicine and medical practitioners in the dramatic works of early modern Spain.
The project will improve historiographic knowledge of how the generalized malnutrition of the Spanish population was resolved and would contribute elements of reflection to help understand the undesired effects of the nutritional transition associated with overeating.
The military coup altered the functioning of laboratories, classrooms and hospitals, and was a slap in the face for the freedom values of the scientific community. Exile, imprisonment and the disqualification of doctors and scientists meant a tremendous drain for Spanish society and an irreparable loss for the intellectual power.
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