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The Access Points of the AS4EDI19 members of the consortium are closer to be updated

  • March 22nd, 2021
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The CEF eDelivery Conformance & Connectivity tests stage of the AS4EDI19 project is currently taking place. Some of the partners of the consortium have already passed the first of them or are using already conformant solutions, and are working now in the performance of the interoperability tests that involve the beneficiaries’ Access Points (APs), either the deployed ones or those upgraded to AS4.

By the end of the initiative, the 5 APs of the Electronic Document Interchange (EDI) providers linked to the project will have implemented their services from AS2 to AS4. The CEF eDelivery solution is based on a network of nodes in which each participant becomes a node; in this way, companies, public administrations and citizens can easily and safely exchange data and electronic documents.

Therefore, in the following months, all the beneficiaries implementing their own solution will have successfully passed the CEF eDelivery Conformance & Connectivity tests. The European Commission funds this initiative through the CEF Telecom programme (Action number 2019-EU-IA-0012).

Crediflow AB, Tickstar AB, Qvalia Group AB, Net4market S.R.L. and mySupply ApS are part of the project, coordinated by the University of Valencia and supported by LMT Group.


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Agreement number: INEA/CEF/ICT/A2019/1930764

Action number: 2019-EU-IA-0012

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