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EUROFACe: Advances in the adaptation of the European Electronic Invoice

  • September 28th, 2018

The EUROFACe project, in which the UV participates through the IRTIC, presents the advances in the technological development that is being carried out to adapt the electronic invoice in European format to the Spanish format.

The EN 16931 standard has been published in Spain in October 2017 and develops the European standard on electronic invoicing. It fixes April 18, 2019 as the definitive date for the establishment of the directive. According to this directive, public entities must be prepared to accept electronic invoices in the European format on that date date, which in practice means that their accounting systems must be adapted to a new document format and new content.


The EUROFACe project (FACe: The core platform of the Spanish public authorities to process the European standard on electronic invoice (INEA / CEF / ICT / A2016 / 1330507)) has been developing a method for the conversion of electronic invoices between the European and the Spanish format for almost one year. The progress of the work carried out has been presented by Professor Ramón Cirilo at a round table on the results of European projects within the scope of the CEF TELECOM program.

The roundtable took place on July 25, 2018 and brought together researchers from several projects financed under this call.

The solution proposed by the project was advanced by Professor Cirilo during the event. I basically consists in making a translation of XML files from the European format to the national format that is currently being used in administrations (Factura-e) through the FACe platform.

According to the professor, the conversion between formats is practically complete, although it has not been an easy task, since there are matching problems between data that, even being of the same nature, do not have the same obligatory character in both formats. On the other hand, the problem of the completeness of the data has been solved by developing a new version of the Factura-e format (3.2.2) that now integrates all the information of the EN 16931 standard and that wasn’t previously included in the Spanish format.

During the next few months functional tests will be carried out in the accounting systems of the project partners that participate as users and validators. It is expected to have a definitive version of the system in early 2019.

Project FACe - The core platform of the Spanish public authorities to process the European standard on electronic invoice (INEA/CEF/ICT/A2016/1330507) is co-financed by the European Union's Connecting Europe Facility

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