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EUROLogin20 initiative develops its solution design in agreement with the eIDAS nodes in France, Italy and the Netherlands

  • December 9th, 2021
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The EUROLogin20 consortium has developed the preparatory tasks for the technical implementation of the eID modules of the cloud platforms and electronic identification (eID) solutions according to the technical specifications and requirements defined by the French, Italian, and Dutch eIDAS nodes designing the integration of the eID into their systems.

The partners have identified the technical and functional requirements of the initiative, proposed a physical and logical architecture, and planned its implementation, taking into account the CEF eID Building Block and their national eIDAS node implementations.

In this sense, the beneficiary entities have reviewed the technical requirements to connect the systems to their respective national eIDAS nodes in order to design their software solutions integrating the eID and under the appropriate security conditions. This task has consisted of identifying the needed requirements and preparing a scheduled execution plan per each individual implementation activity.

To achieve this, each beneficiary has contacted its national eIDAS node service to require support formally from an operator and to compile all technical requirements and procedures, for example, to define which electronic certificates will be used to establish the communication. It has also done so in order to analyse the corresponding interfaces and request and response messages used by the eIDAS node, as well as to identify which data will be received coming from the authentication of European citizens.

Members of the initiative have worked, moreover, on the analysis and design of the eID module to be implemented and integrated in the selected electronic services of the implementing participants during the next activities. Generix, Nubilaria and headOn from France, Italy and the Netherlands respectively are part of this project coordinated by the University of Valencia.

Among the next objectives is the elaboration of the Interim Report, which includes the status of each implementation. Partners’ services will be available for cross-border authentication in a production environment by the end of the initiative.

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