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New tractor implement to tackle straw widens simulator scope

  • July 22nd, 2022
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The Laboratory for Simulation and Modeling (LSYM) of the Institute on Robotics and Information and Communication Technologies (IRTIC) is working on the development of a tractor attachment for the Strawmaster model, designed to deal with straw problems and whose virtual representation will allow the training of future operators of this machine. This is in addition to the LSYM simulations and the functionalities related to agricultural tractors that it already has.

The new implement is an addition to the research group's portfolio of tractor simulators. The Strawmaster will feature 26-inch long tines equipped with tungsten carbide tips arranged in five rows and distributed in large sections ten feet wide by six feet deep.

This machine is at the forefront of modern straw management. In addition to shredding, it will control weeds, rake the flax straw and incorporate seeds and chemicals - possibilities that the simulation will offer.

LSYM has also designed simulators focused on construction and civil engineering machines, such as excavators, tractors and cranes. In addition to its port side, it also specialises in mining, with examples such as the mining truck and bulldozer simulator.

Its models are used all over the world, from the Port of Valencia or Vigo to South America, among other places. You can consult the group's work in this link and visit its website: