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Medal of merit in road safety in the category of silver and blue badge, to INTRAS

December, 2021


The Ministry of the Interior, following the proposal of the General Directorate of Traffic, has granted the INTRAS with the Medal of Honor in Road Safety, in its silver category with blue badge, delivered at a ceremony celebrated in Madrid, on December 1st, 2021.

Prof. Dr Francisco Alonso, director of the INTRAS, received the medal from the Minister of the Interior, after a commentary speech delivered by full professor of Road Safety Dr. Luis Motoro.

This medal is delivered as an acknowledgment of the INTRAS's long and flawless trajectory during its more than 25 years of history and constant activities in the field of road safety, traffic, mobility and transportation.

The granting of this distinction comes in recognition of its 25 years of history in which they have developed almost 400 research projects in the field of road safety, traffic, mobility and transport for administrations and national and international companies; published 140 books, more than 250 scientific articles in specialized journals, have directed and conducted more than 63 doctoral theses and received more than 25 awards in recognition of their scientific and training work.

Minister Grande-Marlaska, in his speech, thanked INTRAS for its involvement in road safety, alluding to the fact that, in its more than 25 years of history, it has promoted research, development and innovation in this field, also highlighting its essential role in the field of teaching and specialized training. 

Recognition ITS Spain 2020, to INTRAS

July, 2020


INTRAS has received, from ITS Spain, the recognition to the Best ITS Spain supplier for the technical-administrative support in C-Roads.

The ITS Spain 2020 awards have been delivered at the Closing Ceremony of the XX Spanish Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems held from July 14 to 16, 2020 in Madrid

C-Roads Spain is composed of 5 pilots, each one of them with its particular set of technologies and C-ITS services and with the participation of different partners, among them INTRAS. This heterogeneity aims to cover a wide spectrum of cases, in order to assess the impact of connected mobility in many representative scenarios.

C-Roads Spain is part of the C-Roads Platform, a joint initiative of European Member States and road operators for testing and implementing C-ITS services in light of cross-border harmonisation and interoperability. 

Prever 2019 Award, to INTRAS

February, 2020


The General Council of Industrial Relations and Labor Sciences, (CGRICT), has awarded INTRAS the Prever 2019 Award in its Road Safety Category, by virtue of the merits contracted for its work in favor of the implementation and dissemination of the prevention of occupational hazards.

This General Council has been awarding annually, since 1998, national and international prevention awards called PREVER, whose purpose is to reward different professionals, companies or entities that stand out for their work for the prevention of occupational hazards inside and outside Spain.

The awarding of this award was made during the 21st Technical Conference on Occupational Risk Prevention and Social Responsibility, (National and International Prevention Awards "Prever 2019") that have been held on February 28 and 29, 2020 in Ciudad Real, and was collected by Dr. Luis Montoro, a member of this Institute and Professor of Road Safety. 

Don Jaime Sanmartín, Director del INTRAS i D. Alfredo Pérez-Rubalcaba."Línea Directa" Solidarity Award for Road Safety

June, 2010


Línea Directa Aseguradora is a company socially responsible deeply committed to reducing traffic accidents in Spain. Since its inception it has developed new ways of research and analysis that have favoured the adoption of safe driving habits in our country. So once again the tasks of these entities, social foundations or social figures, which have shown their commitment with road safety, have been recognised. .

Thus the Linea Directa Solidarity Award for Road Safety has awarded the University Research Institute on Traffic and Road Safety, has awarded the University Research Institute on Traffic and Road Safety , in recognition to the work of social awareness that this organisation develops, being a pioneer in our country in the application of scientific and applied research to road safety. Jaume Sanmartín, director of INTRAS, received the award from the Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba.

Accèssit "University-Company collaboration"

Novembre, 2001


Since 1992 INTRAS and AUMAR have established a line of continuous collaboration for the development of a series of studies, researches and actions on the improvement of safety of the Mare Nostrum Highway (A7), of which AUMAR is licensee.

The aim of this collaboration was, among others, the study of accidents and incidents in highways, as well as the research of the alert level in driving and risk perception, in order to prepare a set of measures and actions for improving road safety in the highway, the roads were traffic is safer and in which accidents are mainly caused by human factors. There is no doubt that this line of study and research developed by INTRAS and AUMAR has had and has a social impact that transcends the boundaries of the cooperation between university-company.

CEA National Road Safety Trophy, to INTRAS

December, 2000


The European Car Council (CEA) has awarded INTRAS the CEA National Trophy in Road Safety in recognition of meritorious social in favor of the prevention of traffic accidents, thanks to its research, teaching and advisory work in the field of Road Safety.

Silver medal to the merit of road safety

January, 1999


On 27 January the general director of traffic awarded to Luis Montoro González , director of INTRAS, the Medal of Merit of Road Safety, in the category of silver, in recognition to the technical contributions and the pedagogical and training work of the University Research Institute of Traffic and Road Safety.

The awarding act took place as part of the conferences for the presentation of 1999 as the year of Road Safety Education , held from 25 to 29 January in the city of Palma de Mallorca.

The initiative that has given rise to the granting of this award by the Ministry of Internal Affairs proposed by the DGT means the recognition to the work done by the INTRAS for improving road safety.

The multiple collaborations with public institutions, different orientation activities, additional to the training of the members of the Guardia Civil and local police, and, ultimately, to the special tendency towards road safety shown by its director, have created the propitious conditions required in the article 1 of the Royal Decree 2464/74, 9 August, which states: “… the Medal of Merit to Road Safety for awarding natural or legal persons who are distinguished by their activities in favour to road safety(…) or by their relevant collaboration with the authorities and agents to which competes its planning and control, serving eminently both from the pedagogical and technical point of view, and from the economic and social order".

The INTRAS mission is to work for our society in the improvement of road safety, through research and intervention on the human factor and in its relation with the use of technology. The awarding of this medal is the recognition to this task, to their promoters and of all who to a greater or lesser extent have collaborated in this area of work of the INTRAS.