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International Framework Agreement for Cooperation between the Secretaría Distrital de Movilidad de Bogotá, D.C. (Colombia) and the University of Valencia (Spain), for the Counselling in the Development of the Strategic Plan of Mobility, Sustainability and Road Safety (PEMSSV) of which Dr Alonso is the scientific and technical Director.

This project aims at making a D+R+I (Development, Research and Innovation) project that wants to improve the Urban Mobility and Road Safety in the city of Bogotá D.C. emphasising the planning and implementation of the city’s ITS technologies, with short, medium and long term projection.



Start date:

November / 2013.

End date:

November / 2018.

Principal investigators: Francisco Alonso; Marcos Fernández

Funding agencies: Secretaria Distrital de Mobilitat de Bogotà, D. de C. (Colòmbia)