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Desk study on aggressiveness in driving with the aim of increasing knowledge on a risk factor in driving that is constantly increasing, as it is the case of aggressiveness in driving.

As in other cases, the ultimate goal of any research in the field of road safety is to develop, design and implement actions that result in a decrease of the negative consequences of traffic, as well as its orientation that has followed this path.

The contents covered by the study have been the Analysis/identification of the problem (definition of aggressiveness in driving: Development of a comprehensive definition of aggressiveness in driving; definitions of other kind of behaviours related to aggressiveness in driving; development of a set of aggressive behaviour in driving that define the problem; their prioritisation by different criteria), and the overview of programmes and measures (cataloguing for types of measures applied to this problem; description of the main programmes implemented worldwide according to their theoretical basis, application context, efficiency, costs and benefits (in the cases in which that information is available) that have been carried out; compilation of adjoining measures carried out in our country that have an influence on aggressive behaviours in driving).

The tasks developed by the members of the research team have been the proper of this kind of desk study: library search, bibliometric analysis, documents selection, content analysis, integration of knowledge, inclusion of contributions and writing of the final report.

The main results of the research are in a publication available for free:




Start date: January / 2002.

End date: December / 2002.

Funding agencies: Audi.

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