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Facthum research group, in collaboration with other entities has developed a Road Safety educational programme: SIMTRAINING.

SIMTRAINING is an educational programme that aims at promoting road safety and make out of children better promoters of road safety education within their families and environment.

This programme is thought for working in the different topics and knowledge areas related to road safety and the whole set of values associated with the aims to be met in each age group of formal education.

The learning process in children start from their birth and it happens in the same way in the field of driving, although it takes some years in implementing what was learnt, either as pedestrians or as drivers. Therefore, as we learn from an early age different knowledge and habits, it is necessary that also from an early age we learn to develop positive habits and attitudes towards road safety.

To meet this aim, SIMTRAINING proposes several activities to be developed from the second cycle of Early Childhood Education, and during primary and secondary school until being 18 years old in bachillerato (6th form). This plan is approached form a series of sessions with a dynamic methodology of self-reflection and focused on the student.

In addition, the aims do not only work with traditional methods, SIMTRAINING has driving simulators applied from 6th year of primary school until the 2nd year of bachillerato, using those vehicles or ways of transport more suitable for each age, from a bicycle for the youngest ones to a moped, motorbike or car for older students.

Thus, the SIMTRAINING programme focuses on the respect for other users and the perception of risks deriving from being part of the traffic system, always going beyond the mere knowledge of regulations or practical skills acquisition.

SIMTRAINING is therefore a road safety education programme that promotes general social education, aiming at the creation of positive habits and attitudes of cohabitation, quality, environmental respect and road safety, knowing that those values will make children better future citizens and thus better drivers.

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