A/Y 2013-2014

Before you leave
Compile your Learning Agreement in consultation with your coordinator and enrol for ECTS (1600) at the secretary of your faculty. 

Guideline for the Learning Agreement

Please hand in the following documents at the international relations office (Av. Menéndez Pelayo, 3). Please note that we can not accept incomplete documentation.
It should be filled out, printed and signed by the student and the guarantor (mother, father etc.). We also need a copy of the DNI of the guarantor and one of the bank book or of the C/A (the student has to be the holder of the bank account indicated).
Please remember to complete the duration of your mobility with the number of month indicated in the appointment letter we send you. It is especially important to use the first day of the AY of your host institution as your initial date. Count the number of month indicated in the appointment letter and use the resulting date as the final date of your mobility.
You have to declare not being subject to any cause of prohibition in Article 13 of the law 38/2003, of 17 November, General de Subventions (original).
At your Arrival
Please send the document, signed and sealed by the host university via fax (34-963983462) or scanned via Email (relaciones.internacionales@uv.es). We highly recommend saving a copy. The payment of the Erasmus grant starts only after receiving this confirmation form.
Remember that all modifications should be done within 30 days after your arrival at the host institution.
We will only accept applications received before December 31st. In Case of extension or reduction of your stay you may modify your Learning Agreement. If you extend your stay than you expand your mobility from one semester to a whole AY. If you reduce your stay you do the opposite.
Important: To receive the first payment of your scholarship (70%) you need to hand in the required documentation. Otherwise we will not proced the payment.
At your return
It is very important to take into consideration the warnings about the dates and corrections that. You’ll find that information on the bottom of the document.          
You may complete the form online, print the pdf out and hand it in to the International Relations Office.
  • Copy of your initial Learning Agreement and a copy of its changes
All of them must be signed and sealed by both of your mobility degree coordinators: from the University of Valencia and your host institution.
Important: We will not be able to pay the last 30% of the grant if any of these documents are missing. Besides, the student has to obtain at least 50 % of the credits he/she enrolled for at the University of Valencia. Otherwise the student will have to return the whole amount of the grant, since the Erasmus program is aimed to obtain an academic benefit and this is the only reason why it is paid.         
Other documents and recommendations
  • Apply for the European Health Insurance Card. We also recommend having a private health insurance which will cover mayor costs during your mobility stay. More information about travel insurances.
  • If you travel to Turkey you have to apply for a Visa at the Turkish embassy or consulate. If you are not a citizen of the European Union you may need a visa. Ask your embassy and the embassy of the country you are travelling to. The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has published some travel recommendations. If you are a citizen of a Third Country, the European Union has released a directive which compels your host country to make the paperwork easier for you.
  • Maybe you can apply for an Erasmus Intensive Language Course (EILC)
  • If you want to renounce your grant you need the Renouncement Form. DON’T hand it in to the International Relations Office but to the General Registry or to any other auxiliary Registry of the University of Valencia.
  • You may leave this authorisation signed to a person of you trust so he/she can sign and hand in documents for you while you’re abroad.
  • To know your rights and obligations during your mobility read the Erasmus Student Charta.
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