Academic Year 2014-2015

Informative sessions may 5-9, 2014

Erasmus Guide
  • Checklist (Check the Guide 2014/2015 to fill in the relevant documents)
Before you go:
  • Prepare an electronic document (pdf preferred) with scan of your bank book or similar document. It is important to see clearly the 24-digit account number (IBAN) and your name as the holder or joint holder.
  • Accept the Erasmus Studies scholarship through the “Entreu” application. You will need the pdf of your current account and the data of person to contact with in case of emergency. You'll get: a certificate of acceptance, a certificate of the spot awarded in Erasmus Studies Programme and a certificate if you have passed one or more language exams on December 14.

How to obtain acceptance documents

  • Compile your Learning Agreement in consultation with your coordinator. Check the opening hours for Erasmus students at the website of your Faculty. You must fill in your Learning Agreement through Portal Serveis Estudiant in order to enrol in your international modules. A copy must be provided to the International Relations Office alongwith your Grant Contract (see below)

Guideline for the Learning Agreement (2012 version)

Management schedule for Learning Agreement

  •  Erasmus student mobility Grant Contract. You must submit it at the Internationals Relations Office. It is a simple form with administrative and economic data (scholarship,) and your signature. We need this document with the original signature so you should present is as a paper copy. You must accompanied it with a copy or your Learning Agreement.
  • Language Support Erasmus+ year 2014-2015. In the Erasmus + the students participating in Erasmus mobility action Studies (Bachelor or Master) and Erasmus Placement must take language tests in the teaching  language of the host university and, in some cases, they will be offered a course in such language.

    For the 2014-2015 academic year, this is limited to students who will incorporate as from January 1st,2015 and in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian and Dutch.

    Detailed information of Erasmus Language Support+  

Upon your arrival:

  • Confirmation of Arrival and Registration. You should send it scan to, duly signed and stamped by the university. Save the original for your records. The grant payment process is made in order of receipt of this document. If you are awarded a scholarship from the Education, Culture and Sports Ministry, you will have to send it both to the University ( and the Ministry (in this case, within 10 days from your arrival and following the Ministry’s instructions).
  • Modification of the Learning Agreement. It is required to complete the Learning Agreement through the Portal Serveis Estudiant for the changes to be reflected in your records. Ammendments should be asked for in the five weeks following the beginning of lectures at your host university. Once the amendments are made through the Portal Serveis Estudiant, you will get a consolidated version of the learning agreement by clicking the “print” button. The new version must be signed by you, your coordinator at UV and your coordinator at the host university. Remember the submitt a copy of each version to our office once you are back.
  • Stay extension. Only applications received before December 31st may have financial aid. In any case the economic allocation is subject to budget availability of aid received by the University of Valencia from the European Union. Extension applications received after December 31 will not have financial aid. In Case of extension or reduction of your stay you may modify your Learning Agreement. Extension of stay means to expand your mobility stay from one semester to a whole AY. If you reduce your stay you do the opposite.
  • Shorten stay. We will only accept applications received before December 31st. In Case of extension or reduction of your stay you may modify your Learning Agreement. If you shorten your stay you reduce your mobility from academic course to first semester.

Important: To receive the first payment of your scholarship (70%) you need to hand in the required documentation. Otherwise we will not proced the payment.

At your return:

  • Certificate of Attendance. It is very important to take into consideration the warnings about the dates and corrections that.
  • EU Final Student Report. You must fill in the Final Report within 30 days from the request that will arrive to your e-mail account: It is an on line report through a computer application enabled by the EACEA (Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency), responsible for the Erasmus program, once students receive the request directly sent by the control system online of the Erasmus program (Mobility Tool) to the student institutional e-mail ( You will not receive the request until the end of your stay and the University of Valencia provide the details of your stay to the The Spanish Service for Internationalization of Education (SEPIE)
  • Copy of your initial Learning Agreement and a copy of its changes. All of them must be signed and sealed by both of your mobility degree coordinators: from the University of Valencia and your host institution.

Important: We will not be able to pay the last 30% of the grant if any of these documents are missing. Besides, the student has to obtain at least 50 % of the credits he/she enrolled for at the University of Valencia. Otherwise the student will have to return the whole amount of the grant, since the Programme Erasmus + is aimed to obtain an academic benefit and this is the only reason why it is paid.

 Other documents and recommendations:

  • Apply for the European Health Insurance Card. It is obligatory to have a health insurance. We also recommend having a private health insurance which will cover mayor costs during your mobility stay. More information about travel insurances.
  • Here you can check travel recommendations of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.
  • Do you need a visa? If you travel to Turkey you have to apply for a visa at the Turkish embassy or consulate.
  • If you are not a citizen of European Union you may need a visa. Ask your embassy and embassy of the country you are travelling to. If you are a citizen of a third Country, the European Union has released a directive which compels your host country to make a paperwork easier for you.
  • Learning Agreement template
  • If you want to renounce your grant you need the Renouncement Form. Do not hand it in to the International Office but to the General Registry or to another auxiliary Registry of the University of Valencia.
  • You may leave this authorization signed to a person of you trust so he/she can sign and hand in documents for while you are abroad.
  • To know rights and obligations during your mobility stay, read the Erasmus Student Charter.
  • Your rights as a mobile student







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