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Call for papers: II international congress on Global Education in the Mediterran

#CIEGME2024 Pedagogical horizons for equality and social and social justice. The deadline for paper proposals is open and registrations will be open in May.


2nd INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON GLOBAL EDUCATION IN THE MEDITERRANEAN: pedagogical visions for equality and social justice

The purpose of our meeting – to reflect together and forge a new universalist and egalitarian vision for our time, to rethink the meaning and limits of equality, to explore the values of solidarity and social justice as ethical achievements of humanity that must not be compromised or abandoned. Focusing on global education, from our corner of the Mediterranean, we aim to address the world and its problems, opening up avenues for action and establishing grounds for much-desired and reasonable hope.

Thematic lines:

  • Equality as a foundation for social justice – relevance for pedagogical action
  • Rethinking freedom and its ties to equality – pedagogical implications
  • Education for global democratic citizenship
  • Education on sustainability as an element of social justice and solidarity
  • Feminism, equality and education
  • Inclusive education, social justice and equality
  • Poverty and education
  • Migration and education
  • Interculturality and education 
  • Family, minors and social justice
  • Educommunication, videogames and social media for equality
  • Art, creativity and equality

The deadline for submitting proposals for communications and practical actions will end on June 23, 2024.

Registration will be enabled from May 1, once the participation proposal has been approved. 


Date From 22 april 2024 to 1 october 2024. 24h. Every day.


Date From 23 october 2024 to 25 october 2024. 24h. Wednesday, thursday and friday.


La Nau

C/ de la Universitat, 2

Valencia (46003)

Organized by

UNESCO-UV Chair on Global Education in the Mediterrean: Studies for Peace, Interculturality and Sustainability.



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