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Imagen del Foro de Empleo 2022-2023.
Employment Forum 2022-2023

The Universitat de València organises, through UVOcupació (UVJob), the Employment Forum that, in the 2022-2023 academic year, will take place in 17 centres and faculties of the UV.

With the aim of promoting quality employment and offering a unique opportunity to put students and graduates of the Universitat de València who are looking for a professional opportunity in direct contact with companies, the Employment Forum is a face-to-face event where, through talks, workshops and round tables, companies and organisations present their organisations and inform about the profiles demanded by the labour market.


Faculty of Teacher Training Forum (18/10/2022)

Faculty of Pharmacy Forum (02/11/2022)

Faculty of Social Sciences Forum (30/01/2023)

Faculty of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences Forum (01/02/2023)

Faculty of Law Forum (15/02/2023)

Health Sciences Area Forum (17/02/2023)

Faculty of Geography and History Forum (23/02/2023)

Faculty of Philosophy and Education Sciences Forum (28/02/2023)

Sciences Area Forum (30/03/2023)

ETSE School of Engineering Forum (27/04/2023)

Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication (date tbc)


Date From 29 september 2022 to 27 april 2023. 24h. Every day.


Universitat de València (online registration)

Organized by

Universitat de València

Office of the Vice-Principal for Lifelong Learning, Educational Transformation and Employability

General Foundation of the Universitat de València

UVOcupació (UVJob).



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