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Enrol in the course "Music and traditional dance" (30h, free of charge)

Location: Faculty of Geography and History of the UV Schedule: Tuesday, from 16:00 to 19:00 Duration: 30h. Professors: Enric Olivares Torres and Andrés Felici Castell


Popular culture is a constantly evolving field and a fundamental part of the history and identity of any society. For university students, the study of cultural heritage is an important element of a well-rounded education, as it can be used as a tool for social change. Understanding heritage can help students to promote the development of a freer, more diverse community that encourages active participation and critical thinking, and advocates for curiosity and lifelong learning.

It is an added value that gives the university community, and also Valencian society in general, the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and better understand the different cultural manifestations that exist in our environment. These cultural expressions reflect our history and shape our identity  developing a sense of cultural belonging essential for personal development and societal integration.

This course will enable you to:

  • Value the richness and diversity of the traditional Valencian musical heritage, developing a sense of personal and cultural identity
  • Distinguish and recognise the musical repertoire, as well as ritual dances and Valencian folk dances
  • Learn about the main Valencian festive manifestations related to the Valencian musical and dance heritage


27 February: first session. Literature review: Valencian folklore studies between the 19th and 21st centuries.

5 March: Second session. Popular folklore vs. Taught folklore. Teachers of dancing.

12 March: Third session. The genres of Valencian traditional and folk music.

26 March: Fourth session. The genres of Valencian traditional and folk music.

9 April: Fifth session. Schools of popular dances.

16 April: Sixth session. Valencian ritual dances.

23 April: Seventh session: Valencian festive heritage.

30 April: Eighth session. The case of the Corpus Christi Festival in Valencia.

7 May: Ninth session. The Festival of the Mare de Déu de la Salut in Algemesí.

14 May: Tenth session. A country of muixerangues.


ScheduleFrom 20 february 2024 to 26 february 2024. Every day at 00:00 to 14:00.


Aula F3.2 Facultad Geografía e Historia UV

Av. de Blasco Ibáñez, 28

València (46010)

Organized by

Cátedra Música y Danza Tradicional UV.



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