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The City of Valencia Chair presents the social innovation map of the city of Valencia

  • June 20th, 2017
The City of Valencia Chair presents the social innovation map

On 28 June the City of Valencia Chair will present the Social Innovation Map of the City of Valencia, which will be incorporated to the open government platform of the City Hall

This is a response to social, economic and environmental sustainability problems that have been emerging in the city. It contributes to improving citizens’ life quality, and is aimed at satisfying unmet or poorly covered needs through a transformation of social relations that improves the systems of governance.

These initiatives involve the inclusion of civil society in the field of innovation and are part of what the European Union has characterised as “social innovation”, a key tool in the Horizon 2020 strategy “to address the social challenges posed by the aging of population, poverty, unemployment, changes in work and personal habits, and citizens’ expectations of social justice, education and health care” and contribute to “promoting a smart, sustainable and integrating growth, building resilient and inclusive societies and fostering innovation by exploring new forms of innovation, including social innovation and creativity” (EU, 2013).

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