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The university numismatic collection contains more than 11,000 coins, equally divided between the various historical periods. Its origin stems from the donation of money by Francisco Pérez Bayer, complementing his donation of books in 1785. Currencies to which the treasure found in San Miguel de Llíria in 1806 were added, given by Francisco Borrull and other subsequent donations, with that by José Narciso Aparici being one of the most important. Among the most notable works are: the Ptolemy V Epiphanes octodracma; a aureus of Dominitian and another one of Plautilla; the exceptional Visigothic tremissis, coined in Valencia, as well as a splendid copy of a silver 'cincuentín' issued in Segovia in the seventeenth century.

Among the pieces of archeology, the small collection of Peruvian pre-Columban ceramics is very interesting, from the donation of the Valencian anthropologist Rodrigo Botet. This collection also comprises other vessels and fragments from different ages, axes and stone arrowheads, small Roman bronzes and other Roman and Iberian pieces, as well as a curious eleventh-century Islamic tombstone.