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Unisocietat l'Eliana

Date: 9 march 2021 at 19:00 to 20:30. Tuesday.


Place: Nou Espai del Centre Sociocultural. Plaça del Jugte Miquel Comes, 1. L'Eliana


Conference of the Universitat i Societat of l'Eliana programme, by professor Mónica Bolufer Peruga.

The Vice-rectorate for Territorial Projection and Society continues the sires of conferences of the Universitat i Societat of l'Eliana.  Limited capacity depending on the stipulated anti-Covid measures.

This series aims to complement the educational offer of Unisocietat.The Universitat i Societat programme arises from the commitment of the Town Council of l'Eliana, with the support of the University of Valencia, to lifelong learning. It is aimed at people aged 30 or over, residents of the municipality and the Camp de Turia region, who are interested in learning and motivated by culture.

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Vicerectorat de Projecció Territorial i Societat en colaboración con el Ayuntamiento de l’Eliana, Caixa Popular y la Diputación de Valencia..


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