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Teaching related to the Chair: courses, seminars and conferences

Family Businesses represent 66% of private employment in Spain. For this reason, the Chair strives to transfer to the students of the Valencia University, and to all those who are interested in our activity, the job opportunities offered by this type of companies, as well as the most important characteristics of the same. In this way, those who are integrated into their workforces will be able to contribute to improve the management and durability of family businesses.

The Chair of Family Business organizes annual courses, seminars and conferences on these topics, which pursue the following objectives:

  1. Know what a FB is, the different social agents involved in it and the role they play and the distinctive characteristics it acquires in each phase of its life cycle.
  2. Analyze the strengths and also the main problems of the FB, as well as the strategies to overcome them
  3. Assimilate the profile of the typical culture and conflicts in FB and how they can be conducted with mediation and negotiation techniques.
  4. Present a series of effective instruments to articulate the governance of the FB, the relations between family and company and the making of strategic decisions
  5. Know the FB as a legal entity in its civil, commercial, labor and fiscal aspects
  6. Understand the succession process, intergenerational relay and the problems of leadership.
  7. Promote the necessary skills for employability in family businesses, providing value through a good knowledge of their idiosyncrasies.

Courses, seminars and conferences

Course: key aspects
Course on Employability
Seminars and conferences