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Intra-entrepreneurship programme Gennera «Soluciones para el futuro»

The programme’s goal is for students to develop the necessary professional and entrepreneurial skills to overcome real innovation challenges posed by the collaborating companies, so that they are able to show their entrepreneurial talent within the corporate field.

This initiative is sponsored by the Innovative Entrepreneurship Campus of the Department of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Trade and Employment, whose new brand Llamp boosts the entrepreneurship that is based on social & technological innovation and sustainable development goals. It’s also supported by the Entrepreneurship campus UVemprén - Santander Universidades and it’s intended for UV undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students enrolled for the 2021-2020 academic year.

People who succeed in completing the programme will be given a certificate and will be candidates for a 300 € prize, awarded to the members of the winning team for each challenge and will be able to apply for grants to study for the UVemprén – Santander Universidades campus’ innovative entrepreneurship techniques certificate. The request submission deadline is October 10th 2021.

The Universitat de València, by means of the Office of the Vice-Principal for Employment and Training Services’ Entrepreneurship Unit (UVemprén), opens the call for UVemprén Gennera, the intra-entrepreneurship training programme where participants can learn to overcome the real challenges of the business field.

This programme is done in collaboration with some of the most important companies of the Valencian Community’s business ecosystem, such as Ford España, la Fundació Valencia CF and LafargeHolcim. It’s additionally sponsored by the Innovative Entrepreneurship Campus and Santander Universidades, within the framework of UVemprén-Santander Universidades Campus.

UVemprén Gennera aims at training students to start their projects within an organisation, this way providing them experience in the real world that can simultaneously create an innovation space between companies and students, allowing them to show their talent as entrepreneurs in the corporate field.

The call is for UV undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students who enrolled for the 2021-22 academic year. The selected people will receive training in innovative methodologies by recognised professionals and academicians. They will be able to later apply what they learned in real cases, overcoming strategic innovation challenges posed by the collaborating companies.

Those who satisfactorily complete the programme will receive a certificate of the received training and will be eligible for a 300€ prize for each one of the winning teams’ members.

The request submission deadline is October 10th, and the call has already been published on the Diario Oficial de la Generalitat Valenciana. All information and rules of the call are available at the following link:



Date From 23 july 2021 to 10 october 2021. 24h. Every day.


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Entrepreneurship Unit (UVemprén).



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