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  • November 29th, 2021

The Chair of Family Business of the University of Valencia has not been oblivious to the impact produced by the COVID-19 pandemic.Like many companies and institutions, we had to adapt to circumstances that prevented face-to-face attendance for a few months, a differential element of our usual informative and training activity, and in which the interaction between the academic, business and professional world provides great added value.

But thanks to the rapid and effective capacity for adaptation that all our collaborators had, especially the trainees who help us in these processes (Blanca, Manuel and Rania), the teachers and students of the course that was being taught, the researchers who help us in the generation of knowledge and our promoters and sponsors (AVE, EDEM, IVEFA, IEF, BROSETA y BANKIA), the Chair has not only not stopped, but we could say that it has consolidated its actions and presence in the ecosystem of family businesses.

Thus, we developed the Family Business course, with more than 50 registered (a record number in the history of the Chair), business breakfasts, publications, or our participation in the STEP project, as can be seen in the pages of this Report where a full account and information of everything that happened is given.

We face 2021 as a year in which we will continue the intense teaching, informative and research activity of the Chair.It will be the year of the 15th anniversary of the Chair and, we aspire to be a year in which it begins a new stage, full of projects and initiatives.As it can not be otherwise, we will continue working on the usual lines of action, which are having a great reception, and in addition, we will launch new projects, always aimed at contributing to the improvement of competitiveness and durability of family businesses through the generation and transfer of knowledge.The last year has been a year of learning, and reaffirming the commitment of family businesses to society and from cefuv we will continue to put all our research capabilities, in order to generate more and better knowledge and feed our lines of dissemination and teaching.

We hope to continue counting on the trust and support of all the family businesses and business families with which we have been fortunate to coincide in these 15 years of work.

To download the REPORT OF THE YEAR 2020 where all our teaching, dissemination and research activities carried out this past year are summarized, click here.


Alejandro Escribá

Director of the CEFUV, Professor of the UV and Researcher of the IVIE.