Departament de Filologia Anglesa i Alemanya

Literature, Arts and Performance Research Group

      • The group (GIUV 2017-354) investigates the dialogue between literature and the arts through the semiotic and cultural transmission of literary topoi from and to the Anglophone tradition. Special attention is paid to modern cultural practices from the perspective of intertextuality, intermediality, semiotics, reception and adaptation theories.

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Group members:

Research Projects and Networks:

    • The group participates in the following funded research projects and networks:
      • Entorno digital de investigación del teatro en lengua inglesa del siglo XIX escrito por mujeres. Fase 1 (GV/2018/A/106)
      • VINS Network: Victorian and Neovictorian Research Network in Spain
      • 'Orientation': una perspectiva dinámica sobre la ficción y la cultura contemporáneas (1990-en adelante) (FFI2017-86417-P)