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The Chair celebrates Linguistic Rights Day. Round table.

  • December 4th, 2020

Today is the Day of Linguistic Rights in the Valencian Country. Therefore, yesterday a round table was held on "Linguistic rights: consumption and cultural activism".

On 3 December, the event to celebrate the Day of Linguistic Rights in the Valencian Country took place at the University Headquarters in Alicante, organised by the Valencian School, the Civic Association for the Normalisation of Valencian in l'Alacantí, the Language Service of the University of Alicante and the Chair for Linguistic Rights of the University of Valencia.

A round table discussion was held, entitled "Linguistic rights: consumption and cultural activism", in which the following took part:

  • Aitana Ferrer. Singer, teacher and valentuber.
  • Artur Martínez. Singer of the group La Fúmiga.
  • Vicenta Tasa. Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Valencia and director of the Chair for Linguistic Rights at the University of Valencia.

The event could also be followed online.